Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where are my screwdrivers?

So Bradley has this thing for screwdrivers. I have a set of 10 screwdriver's on the inside of the cupboard door beneath my sink. More then half of them are always missing.

He's been taking everything apart in the house. Today he took apart the kid's rocker and used the rocker pieces to ski down the big padded arm of the family room chair. He is very skilled at replacing batteries in all the children's toys. I bought a brand new package of AA batteries the other day and had to tell the kids, specifically Bradley, "DO NOT OPEN THESE BATTERIES. YOU MUST ASK PERMISSION BEFORE OPENING." If I didn't make that clear, every toy would have brand new batteries regardless if they needed them or not and my batteries would be all gone. I have also found several cupboard doors with the doorknob replaced on the inside of the cupboard as can be seen in the photo above. I had to convince Bradley today that it was not a good idea to unscrew a cassette tape in order to get the tape out. He's taken apart the baby seat and the rocking horse. He's asked me if he could take apart the high chair. I didn't let him. Sometimes he gets his siblings to help him in his unscrewing. When I find them disassembling the furniture, I ask what's going on and they tell me that they are Santa's elves and I am Mrs. Claus.

Hopefully one day Bradley will continue what he does and learn how to fix cars. We found out today that our car needs a new alternator and drive belt for a total of $578. Not too bad, but I could sure buy a lot of pasta with all that money. Let's hope the warranty will pick up the tab. I find out tomorrow morning if they do.

We went to the pool this evening and there was a family there with two children. My children barged down the stairs into the pool as I stripped off my cover-up and I could see the mother counting our children and mumble something to her husband. As we were leaving the father jokingly asked his daughter to go home with us because we would probably never notice an extra child. I asked him how old she was and he replied that she was five. I told him we already had a five a year old. The slot is filled. Sorry. I suppose I could handle another 5 year old, but at the moment I have enough kids and screwdrivers to keep track of.

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  1. I love it when people look at me like I'm crazy cause I have 3 kids! Tonight I notified the women in my ward, at a bridal shower, that if the Lord would bless me with triplets, I'll wait til Grady is at least 2 before I get pregnant again. I think they all just about died!! One girl offered me her leftover clomed, I think I might take her up on it!! :) good luck with the car, I HATE car trouble!!