Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My First Pouching Party

Tonight I held my first quarterly Mylar Pouching Party at church. Our Stake recently purchased a Mylar Pouch Sealer. I'm a little bit of a fanatic for food storage ...

200 lbs. of grits

... or perhaps a borderline hoarder of food. (Thankfully I have a husband who is not embarrassed to fill a grocery cart with 30 bags of grits.) I like to try and motivate others to stock up on food. The floods in the Midwest have me a little freaked out. When you have 8 mouths to feed, a small increase in the price of food can add up quickly. My kids were excited to go with me to the church for the so called party. We got there, I got out the pouch sealer and hauled some food to the Church kitchen. Nobody was there besides us. Then Emily said, "This isn't a very fun party." I suppose she was right. I should've brought balloons and cake. It ended up that one person came to participate and pouch some beans and grains and 3 other people came to observe and check out the piece of equipment. It's hard to motivate people to spend money on bland foods that will most likely sit in a closet or pantry for 20 years. But I do it anyway. I am a collector. When I was little I collected Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Smurf figurines, souvenir flattened pennies, glow-in-the-dark stuff, and piggy banks. Now as an adult, I've shifted my collecting to just kids and food.

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