Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Home Schooling Gone Bad

We home school our children. We have a decent system where my husband creates and prints worksheets for them. They have one math, one Chinese, and one story writing everyday. It's my responsibilty to supervise them as they work on it and teach them the concepts. I also do science, social studies, and art with them. I'll admit I can be a bit slack some weeks and I'm glad if they read just a little bit and complete their worksheets. All I want is enough to make us look productive. Their story writing is usually something like a picture of a house or flower and says something like:

This is a house. It is our house. It is green.

Well, yesterday Emily and Bradley both drew a picture of a television and the backs of two heads. Emily wrote, "We watched television all day." Bradley wrote, "We watch television everyday." **sigh** You gotta work with me, kids.

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  1. that's too funny. i'm always afraid what my children are really saying when i'm not around.