Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's All Relative

The Bishop of our ward was home ill from church today. The children in Primary made him a giant card. It was made of bright yellow construction paper approximately 15 inches across and 2 feet tall folded. All of the kids signed it. I guess the person in charge of the project failed to tell the first kid to write small so that all the children's names could fit. The first kid was my kid. I wouldn't have known about the card except for the fact that the Bishop's youngest son was holding it in the hall after church. He happened to flash it open for his older brother to see all of the signed names of all the kids who love his daddy and it just happened to catch my eye:


written in 2 inch tall letters across both the left and right sides of the inside of the card. After we got home, Emily told me that after Bradley had wrote his name, the teacher had to tell the rest of the kids to be sure to write small enough so everyone's name could fit. I think Bradley just saw the giant card and assumed it meant to write big.

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  1. Hi Melinda! Paisley was "in charge." The card was all her own idea. She used a yellow poster board, folded in half. She designed it and wrote many messages on it like a "real card." The children were supposed to sign "large;" that way the Bishop would be able to read the names (because of his current limited eyesight). BIG CARD - BIG SIGNATURES! Love, Melanie