Friday, June 06, 2008

A Redneck Friday

Tonight we took a trip to Walmart to buy some more fabric for these dresses I'm making. So far the sewing is going good. As I stood in line to return the butt-ugly boots that my husband bought last week, I read the sign behind the customer service desk. It was advertising their various services such as money orders for $0.46 and check cashing for $3.00. Then I read:

Money Transfers $11.83
Domestic/ International *example - Mexico

Apparently Walmart patrons need "international" defined? Probably. I can imagine the meeting to approve the final draft. The Walmart executive probably said, "I don't know, Joe, thirteen letters and these people don't travel much. We should probably give an example.

The butt-ugly boots were exchanged for these socks. That's why I love him!


  1. did he choose those socks for him? walter knows not to shop for anything he plans on wearing in's just too embarrassing for EVERYBODY!!

  2. Yes. I figure socks are harmless because they are mostly covered up by his pants. I went along with it because it saved me time in having to pick them out for him.

  3. I can see David is still the same ole' David; he always put his own flair into everything he wore. :)