Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I've been sick, thus the lack of posts. I was really hoping to dodge the flu, but I didn't. Seriously, how is a mother supposed to avoid it? I've deemed it impossible. Sunday was the worst day for me. I pretty much didn't get out of bed. There were a few moments during the day when the Tylenol kicked in and I felt good. I don't normally watch TV on Sundays, but I couldn't just lay there and stare at my ceiling fan and I don't like reading when I feel sick, so I watched some TV. I think I watched like six episodes of Hoarders on TLC. I also watched about six episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, which is about girls picking out their wedding dresses. It is very shocking to me the amount of money that people will spend on a wedding dress that they will wear once.  Crazy. Andy why is every dress strapless these days? What happened to the long sleeved lace? I miss that.

I was thinking about blogging while I was sick and taking a picture of me in bed, but you know that feeling of being embarrassed for someone? I'd thought I spare you the embarrassment for me. I looked pretty awful.

Monday was better. I stayed in bed most of the day. My kids were on their own. Here is proof that they can take care of themselves and even make their own nutritious snacks. The only thing I had to do for them all day was drain the pasta for the macaroni and cheese.

George put himself down for a nap next to Ken in a dress.

Peanut butter and crackers and bread and butter.

Tuesday was much better. I even made my bed so I wouldn't crawl back in it.  

Today was even better.

Tomorrow should be great. It's Spring here. The grass is getting green and the trees are in bloom.


  1. I think the only person who bought a dress with sleeves on that show was Michelle Duggar, true story. It is so beautiful lately!

  2. I totally saw that episode! I didn't get to finish it though and see her final dress. :)