Sunday, March 13, 2011

Robot Show and Tell

...or as Jason would call it:

Roobot Show and Tell

I wish I had a picture of the sign up sheet, but I couldn't find it. It was a chart of all the entrants to the show and their robot's name.

Yesterday the kids built robots out of the Duplo blocks and today they had a "Robot Show and Tell." They were very excited about it. Bradley has been fascinated with Robots lately.

Jason's "roobot" doesn't do much except sit and look like an abstract piece of art.

It's a teleporter and time machine (according to Emily.)

"Super Duper Army Vehicle 2000"
It shoots bullets and missiles. The pink drawers are for storing ammunition. There were also were very boyish sound effects to demonstrate its capability to shoot. The brown and green thing next to it is a missile. Bradley wants to send his invention to the military.

"Super Duper Helper"
It sprays water on floors and washes and dries them.  It does other things to help around the house too. I think Sarah's was my favorite. I would love a kitchen floor Zamboni-like cleaning device.

"Puts 3000"
It lifts you up and you can climb the lower of the two triangles and "jump off onto a comfy bed." (Comfy bed not included.) Wendy's was more for entertainment than for utility. I think I would enjoy one. Who doesn't want to jump onto a comfy bed?

"Server, Cooker, and Talker 3000"
This is a very large robot that helps mostly with meals and it talks to you when you are bored. It has a built-in oven and it was currently baking a loaf of bread. It also has a drawer in which you can keep your rings. I think this one was my second favorite.

This is George standing up after drinking a bottle while lying on the floor. I think he would like to invent a robot that wipes milk drool off the side of his face and out of his ear.

Other news:
Rachel is talking more. I saw her on the rocking horse tonight and heard her say very clearly, "Yee! Haw!" My husband thought she said, "Ni! Hao!" but it was definitely, "Yee! Haw!"

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  1. I love it. Looks like the whole gang had another great day of fun.