Saturday, March 26, 2011


Ok, so I didn't mean to let the week go by so fast. I had a plan to blog everyday this week with the title of each post being the day of the week because I'm feeling so creative. So I guess I will just have to cram them into one:

It's Saturday and my memory has expired for 5 days ago. But I do know, we woke up, did homeschool, and went to bed.

Emily and Bradley had art class. I took the van through the car wash to wash the pollen off and I anxiously watched hoping that the automatic car wash didn't break off the antennae. It was stressful. It didn't break off, but something is wrong with our back doors and water pours in when we take it though the car wash.  I forgot about that. Next time I will have to have a kid hold a towel on the inside of the door where it leaks. We had Sister Missionaries over for dinner  I visited a friend. By the end of the evening I was too tired to go grocery shopping. My husband and I watched American Idol.

Laundry. Homeschool. Grocery shopping. American Idol.

I took the kids to the library.  We go every three weeks. We used to go on Saturdays, but I think Friday works better during gardening season. On Friday morning we woke up to a big puddle on our tile kitchen floor (mornings like these are when I'm glad we don't have wood floors in our kitchen). The first place my husband looked was at the ceiling because there is a toilet located above the puddle. The ceiling was fine, thank goodness. The dishwasher leaked. I was confused because I rarely use my dishwasher...

(I know it's weird that I don't use my dishwasher with having such a large family, but I just prefer to wash by hand because I hate unloading dishwashers. The thing is, when you have a large family you use the same plates and glasses for every meal, so if I used my dishwasher I would be running it 3 times a day. Therefore, I feel it's more efficient to do dishes by hand.  I suppose I could run it every evening after dinner, but I don't want to listen to the swish swash of the dishwasher while I watch TV and I NEVER fail at forgetting to turn on the dishwasher before I go to bed, and nothing peeves me more than waking up to a dishwasher full of dirty dishes that I have to wash before breakfast.  It makes me gag.  So THUS the routine of hand washing dishes continues ....)

Anyway, back to my story. It ends up that it had to do with my sink getting clogged the night before because I put too many fettuccine noodles down the the disposal at once.  When it clogged my sink, it caused water to go down the dishwasher drain tube thingy and into the dishwasher. Then when we ran the disposal last night it clogged the dishwasher drain tube thingy with chunks of fettuccine noodles, and water that went into the dishwasher couldn't drain and it leaked out and made a mess.  It was an easy fix, but during the process, I noticed the sink drain on the non-disposal side of the sink was rusted and leaking rusty water drips onto my stash of garbage bags underneath my sink.  So I had to get my sink drain completely dry so I could caulk the rusty part and stop the dripping. I suppose I could've used this diaper method, but I wanted to do it the right way. So since we hadn't eaten lunch yet, I needed to keep the sink dry while the caulk dried, I thought it was a good excuse to take my kids out to lunch to Subway. They love Subway. Emily says she loves Subway because it reminds her of vacation.

While at Subway, some nice young gentleman, saw me and my kids and said, "Can I ask you something?" 
I said, "Yes." 
He said, "I hope you don't take this offensively, but....are you babysitting them all?"
I laughed because it's hardly offensive. It made me feel like a young college kid again. Unless....he was picturing me as the Nanny McPhee kind of babysitter....
I told him they were all mine and he thought that was cool.
My kids were well behaved in Subway and they each earned a chocolate chip cookie.

I order three $5 foot long sub (ham) to split among the 7 of us and two drinks (one for kids and one for me) and four bags of chips. Rachel didn't cooperate for this photo because it was her turn with the drink.

George and I had a little date to ourselves in our own booth.

I was trying to get a picture of him and he was trying to grab the camera.

 Coloring time at the library.

 Emily reading a craft book.

 George playing peek-a-boo with Sarah.

Bradley looking up books on the computer catalog. 
I love how he shouts across the library, "MOMMY! HOW DO YOU SPELL 'VAN BUREN'?!" 
(Bradley has a goal to learn about each president in order of their presidency.) 
Isn't it kind of sad that our kids don't know how to use an actual card catalog? Ok, so it's not really that sad, but those tiny little drawers were so fun to open and thumb through.

Our bag of 50 books and 1 DVD. I was so glad I thought to bring this duffle bag with wheels. It made our trip to the library so much easier!

We did a lot of yard word today and I took zero pictures. I taught Emily and Bradley how to use the lawnmower. They were excited about it for about 5 minutes. We have a small yard with a lot of fence that requires a lot of maneuvering of the mower and it's kind of difficult.  It looks like I might have one more year of lawn mowing duty. Our garden requires a lot of manuring, which is what we did (with bags of compost) in preparation for planting some vegetables.  George had a great time crawling around in the grass and dirt.  I really wish I had a pictures, but I was so dirty, I didn't want to go in the house to get it. I also went to a baby shower which was fun. I am so tired tonight. I'm ready to read one of the kids' library books and go to bed. 

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  1. At our house Mike had instituted boys week and girls week to empty the dishwasher whenever it is clean. Plus Adam is trying to earn money so he empties it in the morning for a quarter (no matter what week it is.) Apparently I hate emptying the clean dishwasher too. I'm jealous about having everyone at Subway. Teenage boys and girls eat a footlong to themselves. I just take the little kids out when they are at school!