Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Mother's Love

The past couple of days George has had a face that only a mother could love. Even his father shunned him.

Gross.  I know.  But still lovable from a distance.

Doesn't it make your eyes water just looking at it?
George likes to stand at the nightstand in our bedroom drooling over the chocolate I keep there. He knows if he's patient, Mommy or a sibling might give him one. If you look closely around his mouth, you can see that his patience paid off.

I took Sarah and Bradley to the doctor for well checks yesterday.  Poor Sarah is so short and light weight she wasn't even on the growth chart (42 inches, 36 lbs.)  The doctor showed no concern.  She  said our kids are just small. Bradley was in the 25th percentile for both height and weight. There are not a lot of tall genes on either side of the family. What can you expect?

I don't normally take my kids for well checks because I never want to pay much money for a doctor to tell me how much my kids weigh and how tall they are.  However, our current health insurance covers well checks at 100% and no copay, so I thought I should take them.  While I was there, I mentioned that George had a red goopy eye.  She gave me a prescription for some eye drops.  I think they might be working, but I can't even tell if I get it in his eye. He's not too happy with me when I try.

While at the office, Bradley and Sarah had their blood pressure taken.  They couldn't get a reading for Bradley because they said he was moving too much.  I don't know what they were talking about because I have never seen Bradley sit so still in my life! I think something was wrong with the machine. Bradley said, "I guess I'll have to hold my breath." Finally on the 3rd try, they got a reading.  I think the office needs to invest in a new blood pressure machine that is much less sensitive, or just do it manually.

The other week when I took Emily to the doctor when she was sick, they informed me that Emily hadn't been to the office in 5 years and they would have to treat her as a new patient.  Time goes by so fast.  I told them they should send postcard reminders like the dentist.  Not that I pay much attention to those either, but at least it reminds me that I'm behind on appointments......

I know this is a totally random post.  Here's a good picture of a creation I found in the kitchen today:
Sarah built it and Bradley put Ken on top because Sarah couldn't reach it. 

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