Tuesday, March 15, 2011


David turned 40 today! He was quite excited!

For his birthday he got a pink electric guitar. 

I was going to buy him an iPod. We are a very musical family and we have a cheap CD player that doesn't work. The only time we every really listen to music is in the car or on my computer if I am not too lazy to plug in the external speakers. 

I didn't have the iPod yet, so I was going to take the kids out to Target this morning and buy it. As I was getting ready to leave, David asked me where in town I was going, to see if he could guess at which store I was going to get his present.  I told him not far and I could see the disappointment on his face. So I asked him what it was that he really wanted for his birthday. 

He said, "So you're not getting me a guitar?" (The guitar store is about 20 miles away.) 

I told him "No." The thought didn't cross my mind because I would have absolutely no idea what to get him. I told him about my iPod idea and gave him the choice. He chose the guitar. It's a good thing I let him pick it out because I most likely would not have picked a pink one. We went to the guitar store tonight as a family and he spent two hours plucking away, deciding between acoustic or electric, and how much he wanted to spend. I think the guitar was a good choice because we spent less than I would've spent on an iPod. Guess who's going to get an iPod for her birthday? Maybe I can persuade him into buying me an iTouch.

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