Thursday, February 24, 2011


Bradley is sick. He had a headache today and Motrin wouldn't take care of it.  You definitely know Bradley is sick when he covers his entire body with a blanket, including head, while Phineas and Ferb is on. I'm determined to take my children outside tomorrow. The weather has been nice enough to have the windows open and that has helped freshen up the house. I am very ready to not have sick kids.

Today I hung out in my room again. I ran downstairs about every half hour to make sure George wasn't eating dirt out of the indoor plants (he was, so I put the plant outside) and to see if Rachel needed to go potty. Going up and down the stairs qualifies as my cardio exercise. Today I finally dug into my closet and got out all the Christmas clearance stuff that I bought in December after Christmas, and I wrapped it up for next year and packed it in boxes. I feel productive.

I also did 6 loads of laundry. I was on my own today. Normally the kids sort their clothes into four loads on Thursday morning. My rule is that all clothes must be turned right side out before being washed. If they aren't, it is their responsibility to fold those items. It's a pet peeve of mine when I fold clothes and I have to turn them right side out. It can double the time to fold. I usually fold all 4 loads of kids clothes in a half hour (about one TV show) on Thursday evening. Anyway, I sorted the clothes this morning and it made me appreciate their contribution to the laundry.

That's about all that is exciting today. I'm going to go clean the downstairs now because we have someone coming to look at the house on Saturday. I hope they are forgiving of disasters. I hope the appearance of our house looking as if we are in the process of packing/moving, might be incentive for them to give us an offer because it looks like we are serious about moving.

I took no pictures today, so here is a random picture:

I took this picture at a Carl's Jr. in the middle of the dessert in California in September. I just thought it was really cool that a Carl's Jr. (a small fast food restaurant) had that many sinks. There were even 3 more in another part of the bathroom. I think there were like 14 toilets or something. I just thought that was awesome.

And while we are talking about Carl's Jr., I'll also post this picture which was outside the restaurant.  It really makes you want to eat there, doesn't it? Wait a minute.....maybe this is why I didn't get pregnant the past few months. It's all Carl's Jr. fault, but not really because they totally warned me.

Must add picture with people.
It's hard to believe that Sarah is only 15 months younger than Bradley.  She has a lot of growing to do if she is going to catch up to him in height.  So when I refer to her as my "petite" little girl, you can see what I mean.  She's seven years old and still waiting to fit into a size 6x. She probably won't play basketball much, but she will probably make a great Tinkerbell at Disneyland.  One of my kids has to get a job at Disneyland when they grow up, so we can take our grandchildren there for free. 

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  1. Hey, my name is Cathy and Amber sent me to your blog. I have 5 kids and am thinking about homeschooling. I was wondering if you have any thoughts or advice for me using the TJed with so many different 'school aged' kids? Oh, yeah! My 8 month old is named George, too. Feel free to email me Thanks, Cathy