Thursday, March 10, 2011


I had a whole blog post composed in my head, but I'm too tired to write it all down. Maybe tomorrow.  If not, you're not missing much.  It wasn't that exciting. It was just about how it's frustrating that it's so difficult to sell a house. 

But a here's a cool picture:

Every night my husband and I sit on the couch and each eat an orange.  That's his dessert.  I usually eat a bowl of ice cream before I eat my orange because I prefer sucrose over fructose, but the fructose has vitamin C and fiber, so I eat it because it's more enjoyable and productive than swallowing a vitamin in pill form.

Anyway, I peeled my orange and it was red.  It looked like the inside of a grapefruit, but it tasted similar to an orange.  A little sweeter and not as tangy and the white part didn't make my mouth all numb like a grapefruit.  The peel totally looked like an orange. I bought a sack of California oranges at the store the other day, so these oranges came out of the same package.  Weird, isn't it?  Maybe it's a hybrid. I thought it was very exciting. I felt special.


  1. It looks like it could be a blood orange.

  2. This is so weird because my friend just posted a similar picture on facebook yesterday!

  3. I think you're right, Chera. I've never seen a blood orange before. The sound of it just sounds scary to eat. Becky, that IS weird! David says it must be a sign of the times...When oranges turn to blood...:)