Friday, March 11, 2011


For the past several weeks I have been teaching the kids how to sew on Thread Thursdays. We had Thread Friday today because I skipped it yesterday due to my bad mood. We are sewing pinwheel quilt blocks. It all started when I was reading them a book about the Pennsylvania Dutch and how they make quilts. I thought it would be fun to do a small group quilt. It's also a great lesson in geometry, measurement, and patience. Sewing machines don't always want to cooperate.

I love seeing tiny little hands operate what seems to be an intimidating machine.

Even Bradley enjoys sewing.  These are his pinwheel blocks.  It took us 3 weeks just to get these made. The first week we cut the fabric. The second week we sewed the 4 small squares. This week we sewed the 4 small squares together to make the large pinwheel square.

Emily's favorite part is ironing the seems. So far we haven't had any burned fingers. 

Only the three oldest children sew. Wendy is scared of the machine. Rachel played with stickers she got for her birthday.

This is George taking a nap during lunch.

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