Tuesday, January 05, 2010

What did Santa bring?

New pillows!
Santa's elves must have seen how gross the old ones were.

A Rubik's cube, race cars and punch balloons.

A Zero Gravity Laser for Bradley.

A Fisher Price schoolhouse for Rachel.

A car carrying case for Jason. (Looks like Santa is a little biased toward Target.)

A Magic set for Emily.

Rapunzel Barbie for Wendy. (However, Wendy's favorite gift, that she asked Santa for, was a necklace that was in her stocking. I failed to get a picture of it.)

Barbie Clean Up Pup for Sarah.

Santa also brought some games - Hungry Hungry Hippo, Guess Who, Apples to Apples Junior, Let's Go Fishing, and Hyper Blast. Apples to Apples Junior was a total hit.
And he left some movies - Up, Fairytopia, and Tinkerbell Lost Treasure.
Good Job, Santa! He must have thought those kids had been good this year.

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