Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Wayback

From age two, Jason has been a chocolate scout. If it's there, he will find it, especially chocolate chips.


Hmmm. Apparently he may have inherited it....


Today Jason made it through the entire church wearing underwear with no accidents. I had confidence in him and didn't even bring a spare. Well, I was planning to bring a spare, but we were already running five minutes later than usual and when I realized I forgot them as we were driving down our street, I made the executive decision not to go back and get them.

Jason is having a difficult time adjusting to being a Sunbeam in the big Primary. For 2 out of 3 weeks he's fallen asleep during sharing time. Today one of the teachers came to tell me and thought I might want to get him. I walked into the Primary room where the leader was teaching a lesson and he was sitting in his miniature plastic chair sleeping as his head bobbed and rolled all over. I went over to him and whispered, "WAKE UP!!" Then I took him to the potty. I think that helped to wake him up. But seriously, from a 3 year old's perspective, what's the point in staying awake when there are no toys and most of what you hear is, "Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa . Wa wa wa wa wa wa." Let's hope next week is a good underwear and no accidents Sunday too. (However, I will bring a spare next week.)

Also Jason wore pants all day long without wetting them. He did poop in them later in the evening, but no wetting. Yay! Anyway, his reward for going potty while wearing underwear and pants is a toddler handful of chocolate chips. This afternoon when he was rewarded, he went into the family room to brag to his siblings. He said, "Hey guys! I went pee on the potty. I got choca chips." When there was no response, he said louder, "Choca chips!....Choca chips!!..... Choca chips!!!.....CHOCA CHIPS!" I think he was a little disappointed that nobody was jealous.

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