Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Be careful or you'll crack your head open

Tonight as I was washing the dishes after dinner the lights were flickering on and off. It had nothing to do with the power or storms, but rather some little hands. I turned my head and saw Jason by one of the kitchen light switches. I warned him to not play with the lights or he would be in big trouble. Again the lights began to flicker. I turned around and stearnly told him he was in big trouble. He blamed it on Rachel. I thought he was lying because he looked guilty. I failed to see that Rachel was at the other switch across the room flickering the lights as well.

As I finished washing the dishes, Jason took matters into his own hands to solve the problem and decided to remove Rachel from the source that was causing him to get in trouble. He moved the chair that Rachel was standing on to get her away from the switch, causing Rachel to tumble to the floor. I didn't see it happen because I was washing the dishes, but when the crying seemed serious enough I decided to take a look. I rescued Rachel from her supine position and as I lifted her, blood dripped from her head. Emily gasped. I gasped. It freaked me out because I don't like to see blood dripping from my child's head, but I examined the wound it was only about a quarter inch gash caused by hitting the corner of the baseboard (I think). I'm sure she will be fine without stitches. Her hair should cover the scar. Plus I didn't want to miss my night out at a church meeting to learn how to be a coupon wiz.

We put the guilty suspect in charge of janitorial cleanup:

I returned home a coupon whiz. But before I went home I stopped by the grocery store to use my rain check for Buy One Get One Hefty trash bags, which also had a $0.55 coupon attached to each box. I saved $15.14. I really needed those bags too. We were on our last one! Yay for BOGO and coupons!

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