Friday, October 30, 2009


I have deemed Fridays as creative art day. Throughout the week we never have much time to draw, color, paint, make music, put on plays, watch TV, etc. So I have decided that we will use Fridays as such. I thought it might also give me some more time to catch up on laundry since the children have a little bit more independent time to express themselves. Since Jason has been having this urge to express himself through drawing, I decided it would be harmless to allow him to color and draw on this white board. I figured it was large enough to satisfy him. Apparently it wasn't...

He became a little bit overly creative and went beyond the bounds of the 2 X 3 ft. glossy white canvas.

Fortunately the dry erase marker came off with a wipe down with 409 and a sponge, followed by some baking soda. Just rubbing dry baking soda on the stain rubbed it right off. Phew! (I knew the baking soda trick from my experience of Kool-Aid stains on laminate countertops.)

Later in the afternoon while I was upstairs folding some laundry, the children were downstairs watching Little House on the Prairie on the Hallmark Channel. I thought I had all the dry erase markers hidden up high in the cupboard, but I was wrong. Jason found a blue one and scribbled on my family room carpet! When I found it, I was L-I-V-I-D!! So livid I was in no mood to snap a picture for a memory or blog post. I didn't think I would be able to get it out and I was NOT happy about blue scribbles permanently on my carpet. Of course I yelled at all my children and blamed all of them because it wasn't MY fault that Jason found the blue marker. Ok, it probably was my fault that I didn't notice that all the markers weren't put away, but at that moment it wasn't my fault because I was mad.

Thankfully I was able to get the marker out using some baby wipes, vinegar, and a clean white cloth. I have no idea if the vinegar helped at all. I just figured it would be something Martha Stewart would use (even though she's probably never dealt with blue dry erase markers all over her carpet). As I was focusing my attention on removing the stain, Emily joined me and said, "I better watch you so I can know how to do this when I have kids." She's a smart girl. She's planning for her future.

It seems as if Jason only colors where he isn't supposed to. But he did draw this on approved paper the other day. He titled it, "Boy" and told me, "Boy happy."


  1. that pic looks a little like a boy who is happy because he is coloring on the walls! maybe you should cover your house in chalk board paint and just keep chalk around. might save you some scrubbing!!

    ps glad to hear you got livid. i feel better now!

  2. I find that wipes are the cure-all stain fighter. There is a lady in my ward that said she framed the children's drawing on the wall... I would have to have 5 or 6 frames in the room that I'm sitting in right now. That is decorating at its finest.