Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I think it's a little slow on the blog front for a lot of people right now, so I don't feel so bad for my infrequent posts. I do feel bad for the lack of September pictures though. I just didn't take very many this month. Sad. Very sad. I'm also very sad at titling my blog posts and all I can come up with is the day of the week.

Not much new today. Jason turns 3 on Saturday. It seems as if he has absolutely destroyed my house this week. He decided to draw a very nice dark black crayon line outlining the wainscoting in the playroom. He drew green crayon on the cupboards in the family room. He largely doodled with a ballpoint pen on the big blue exercise ball. It looks like he was trying to draw the continents. He drew with blue crayon on the wallpaper in the bathroom and tore a piece of wallpaper. I managed to Elmer glue stick it back on. He broke one of my cereal bowls trying to get an apple off the kitchen counter (that probably wouldn't have happened if I had actually washed the dishes after breakfast this morning). And he broke a rung on the disassembled crib that was sitting in his bedroom because he thought it looked like a ladder. Apparently the crib rung was not built to bear the weight of a 32 pound toddler. I haven't tried fixing that yet. Holy cow! Jason is getting in all his terrible two's in this last week. I'm sure he is going to be a perfect 3 year old and a perfect teenager. Get it all out now, Jason. Only 2 more days.

Have you ever watched that show, "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" on the Discover Health channel? That show never ceases to amaze me. One woman thought she had a bowel obstruction from a chiropractic appointment (the chiropractor told her that was why she was in pain). Her husband gave her an enema before bed, she woke up and thought she had to poop, so she went to the bathroom and pushed out what she thought was the most painful and biggest bowel movement ever. Then she sat on the toilet in such relief as her husband congratulated her. Then she heard a cry and asked her husband if the coyotes were out tonight. Then she heard the strange noise again and looked in the toilet to see her baby girl. So strange. I love that show! Every Tuesday.

I have to teach at church on Sunday. I need to go pick a lesson and prepare.


  1. I hope my baby comes out that easily! just not in the toilet!

  2. I've given natural childbirth and there is no way, I would confuse that kind of pain with a bowel movement! What are people thinking? LOL And the chiropractor told her it was a bowel obstruction. LOL I'm dying here...Cindy

  3. I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one that loves that show!! It is awesome! Kind of freaks me out though and then I think, crap, what if I'm pregnant and don't know *gasp* b/c I mean these women didn't know so maybe I wouldn't know the signs either! So other than the fact that the show makes me slightly paranoid, I love it :)


    PS I'm posting on your blog as anonymous b/c if I try using my Google Account it says my request can never be processed. So this is me trying to be sneaky and work the blog system! I hope it works :)