Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm still alive. Just lazy. Give me a little more time and I'll be back. Don't worry, I'm still reading y'all's blogs. I'm just too lazy to comment as well. Just a brief summary of the past few days:

Saturday, October 17th - Made $100 at yard sale. Spent $60 taking the family out to Mexican dinner. $9.25 of that was kid's drinks.

Sunday, October 18th - typical Sabbath day. Church, rest, and attended a baptism.

Monday, October 19th - my husband's second day of work. Yes, that's right, my husband has a real job after 370 days of unemployment. And I would say it's a pretty good job. He will be earning the same salary that he was before, but with better health benefits. After we get a paycheck, I'm going to find a babysitter and enjoy a dinner out with my husband alone so I can have a conversation without interruption and not have to cut someone's food with their sticky fork. I can't wait. I still have more to write about the whole unemployment and job search thing, but I'm just too fatigued to do so right now.

Tuesday, October 20th - survived the day with my husband at work and fell asleep on the couch while watching TV at night.

Wednesday, October 21st - about the same as Tuesday, except I cleaned out the freezer today. Too bad it's an accomplishment that isn't that noticeable. I made French toast with an old deformed loaf of bread that was in there. It was a big hit for dinner. Rachel loved it. I also made smoothies with some vanilla yogurt and rasberries and blueberries that I bought and froze 2 summers ago. It all tasted good. Now I need to empty the bathroom trash cans because they are overflowing since I haven't emptied them in like a month. Tomorrow is trash day.

My poor camera's memory card is so empty right now :(


  1. woo hoo for income!! We can't wait to hear more of what you are up to. And good job on the yard sale. Nicely done!!

  2. Yaaaaaaaa!! I'm so glad David found a job; I know that brings you a lot of peace of mind! :)

  3. Hooray for the yard sale and for the job. Sounds like a pretty good dinner for stuff out of the freezer. (I'll have to post a blog about that sometime- with pictures of the kids eating cornbread, nuts, other misc. items and beans from the garden. Such happy faces...) Hooray for health insurance.

  4. Ha, I love that you made $100 at the yard sale then spent most of it on dinner. Thats totally something I would do.

    P.S. Congrats on a job that is better than the previous one! According to statistics you guys are super lucky. Most people are still making 20% less 5 years after getting laid off.