Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Budding Artist

Jason added blue today to his purple crayon motif that he has going on around the house.

I love how this photo is so deceiving and makes the viewer think I have a fancy bathroom with it's gold faucet and ornate mirror. It fails to reveal the toddler potty seat, black marker colored on the sink, wet towel on the stool (step stool), roll of water soaked toilet paper in the trash can, poop smeared on the wood floor (oh, the joys of potty training), and the ugly cheap green bath towel/rag hanging on the towel bar. (I gave up on the pretty white hand towel because it became permanently dirty. I can't even bleach out the dirt!)

Jason even added a pattern to his door frame art. My child is a genius.

I wonder if Leonardo Da Vinci colored on his walls and door frames as a child?

1 comment:

  1. My 22 mo old is the same. We let her play with crayons and she hides them, then sneaks them to the walls.

    She is decorating for Halloween though, have to LOVE the huge black mural on the wall. At least she stopped drawing on the couch with pens.