Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa's Sweatshop

Today we finished the Christmas cards. My little elves made my cards this year. It was a combined geometry class and Christmas art activity. I cut out circles, triangles and squares from scrapbook paper and the kids glued them on cardstock to make snowmen, Christmas trees and presents. Then they adorned the cards using black rollerball pen to make the geometric shapes come to life. I spared myself the hassle of glitter, even though I'm sure the kids would've loved to experiment with it. Inside they glued a label that says "Merry Christmas!" and I signed it. They signed their names on the back. We made 50. It took about 4 days to finish them, but they had a good time. Even Jason made one. He glue sticked 3 triangles and pasted them correctly all by himself. Now they are on the way to homes of family and friends along with a photo and letter. The cards were randomly selected to go to the recipients. So if you get an ugly one, don't think that the quality of the card reflects the quality of our friendship. I have 2 extras right here by my computer. If you would like one, contact me. The first two contacts will be the lucky recipients. I might be able to get the elves to make a few more, but I might have to pay them overtime in M&M's.

Today's featured decoration:

This is my Christmas card holder. I don't know if you can tell, but it's metal and is shaped like a pocket to put Christmas cards in. Notice that it's empty. I've received one card so far this season. Actually two, but I don't count the one from our realtor because it's 1/2 solicitation. So I hope people are still sending them despite the economy and stamp price increase this year. Surely I'm worth $0.42 to send me some of your love. Let's not let the tradition die!

Jason update: Amazingly Jason slept past 8 AM this morning. Hallelujah! But ... he can still get out of his crib.

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  1. i'm jealous of your sweatshop! we've decided to send postcards from FL this year, so yours is coming, it just might not make it before Christmas! maybe we'll just hand deliver it! we put a visit to you on the calendar, we are planning on the sunday after Christmas. will that work??