Sunday, December 14, 2008


This week the forecast calls for weather in the 70's with Wednesday to be 78 degrees. That's not Chrismas weather! I'm not sure how to feel. I was complaining last night that it was too cold in the 40's. Maybe I'll just have to crank up the AC and pretend it's winter and go outside to warm up. At least it will be pleasant weather to trim the bushes and clean out the van.

I was going to post a Christmas decoration picture, but Blogger is not cooperating and letting me upload photos. So here's a little story.

Last year I began a tradition that the kids make each other their Christmas gifts. Each kid draws a name and they make a gift for that person. Emily and Bradley have been staying up later than usual this past week because Emily's been making Wendy's gift and Bradley has been observing (photos will be posted after Christmas because my kids read my blog.) I could tell Bradley was exhausted but Emily was going full steam ahead creating her clothespin dolls (I can write about the presents because Wendy can't read.) I decided to keep some conversation going and I asked, "So how many kids do you want to have when you grow up?"
Bradley was a bit dazed at 10:30 PM and with his chin resting on the back of the kitchen chair he replies with glazed eyes, "Twenty-three."
I told him that was a good number. "How about you, Emily?"
"Only three?"
"Yes. It's hard work!"

Uh oh. Maybe the Christmas card factory was little too much. Or maybe she is beginning to notice the neverending laundry, dishes, messy floors, and damage that can sometimes cause acute cases of rage in her mother. But you gotta admit, Emily, it's fun hard work! Right?

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