Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chocolate Chip Fertility

**I apologize for any inappropriateness in this post.  Sometimes I have a difficult time knowing when to draw the line. I'm sure my father or husband will tell me if I've crossed the line. It's really not that bad.  Keep reading...**

I got my period today. I know it's not all that newsworthy. It's my sixth period since George was born almost nine months ago.  So if you quickly do the math I am a lucky woman to have the opportunity to get my period when my baby is 3 months old and I'm still nursing. There's no sarcasm intended because, seriously, it's all the sooner I can get pregnant. Right?

I'm ready for #8 (we'll hypothetically call him Octavius) because prime numbers make me uncomfortable. Also, 7 kids messes up the whole even distribution of things. Most packages of stuff come in quantities of six, eight, or a dozen. It just doesn't work for seven.

I was kind of hoping to get pregnant in December so that I could be due in late August or early September. I haven't had a child born in either of those months yet. Well, it didn't happen because my cycle was super short in December (I think most likely due to Christmas stress) so even if there was conception, there was very little time for implantation. So we tried again in January to shoot for a late September birthday. However, my husband was out of town for a week, so I wasn't really expecting to get pregnant. I was cool with that because I've tried not getting pregnant before and then Sarah came along, which reminded me that I'm not entirely in control of the whole situation. But I'm so glad she did come along because Sarah, our petite little girl, has the best belly laugh ever and adds a lot of joy to our family.

Anyway, so when I hit day 28 of my cycle last week and I didn't have my period yet, I thought I might be pregnant.  I took a few tests and they were all negative. When day 33 hit, I was a little confused and worried about why my period hadn't started. I thought for sure I must have a tumor in my fallopian tube blocking my eggs. I was relieved to see my period this morning, but then sad that I missed my opportunity for my August or September baby. Now, if I get pregnant this month it will be due around November 2, and since I have always come at least 2 days early, I run the risk of having a baby on Halloween. Eww. Although, it would be pretty cool to go to the hospital with a jack-o-lantern painted on my belly and then see what it looked like after giving birth. (Also Jason owns October for his birthday month.)

If I don't get pregnant this month, but next month, then I will be due right around Thanksgiving time....and Black Friday. (Also, Bradley owns November.)

If I get pregnant in 3 months, my due date will be around Christmastime, which wouldn't be all bad because I don't have a December baby. I would just have to plan ahead a whole lot for Christmas and promise Octavius presents on his half birthdays. But if Octavius isn't born in December, we are back to January and our family already has a January, February, March, April, May, June, and July birthday.

Can you understand my sadness?  No?  Please kick me in the butt and tell me to get over it because I know it's very ridiculous and a little control freakey.  It's bothering me that it's bothering me. As of now, I'm going to shoot for October because it would be kind of awesome if my Octakid was born in October.  Maybe he'll even be a few weeks early and born on the 8th. That would be cool.

But if seven is all we have, I'd be cool with that because I would say we ended on a good note.  I love my George!

So as I sat here pondering what other random picture would be appropriate to post for today's post, my husband came walking into the room to offer me some chocolate. Not even knowing the topic of my post, he ironically handed me this:

I know. Inappropriate. But I think the chocolate chip fertility gods are on my side. It's been orally ingested and we'll wait for the results next month.


  1. Man I love your blog! You are just so awesome! :) Good luck trying for number eight! :)

  2. Relax , God is in charge not you... Enjoy without the regrets!!!

  3. when i was expecting noah, i was sooo ready for my 4th child to be born on the 04/04/04. alas, he was two weeks early! yes, god is in charge, one way or the other. xoxo

  4. i love the inappropriateness of your blog! You could conceive your octababy in october and hope for a late deliver in Aug. Just sayin. :) You can't have your octa baby/evening out your family size baby in an odd numbered year. It's not right! :) You've got me planning this way now.

  5. We also have been thinking about what month Octavius would be born. Although I hadn't done the math! I think you should try for December; then Octavius could share half birthday with you on whole birthday and you wouldn't have to wait for August or September. And 2011 is not odd if you consider 11 is even since it has two ones and 1+1=2. :)

  6. Maybe you need to try for number 8 to be born on 11/11/11, since that is a very special day! You know the 11:11 make a wish thing? And, it's 11 days past Oct! So now you add up all those 11's, you get 44, then add the 4's to get 8, or even just count the 1's and you also get 8!

    Tip 8 on it's side for Infinity.

    Good Luck!