Monday, January 31, 2011

Blogging Before Bachelor

Blogging Before Bachelor. Isn't that great alliteration to add to my Mopping Monday? My rule is that I must blog before watching The Bachelor on Mondays. I've already mopped and even cleaned some of the grout in between my kitchen tiles. I always thought I had dark grey grout until one day I moved a piece of furniture from an area in my kitchen and noticed the grout didn't match the rest of the kitchen.  It was much brighter and prettier. Then I realized some soap and a toothbrush might serve as a simple makeover for my kitchen. That was a few years ago, and it needs it again. My kitchen has kind of a lot of tile, so I just do a section every Monday. I should be done in about two more Mondays.

Rachel is our quiet child. After three years of close observation of her five older siblings, she's beginning to come out of her shell. Here is a video from this weekend where she is practicing for American Idol auditions. She is accompanied by Emily. The lyrics are written by Rachel. I think if she works on her pitch, she might just make it to Hollywood in about 12 years for season 23:

She calls her microphone her "show". In this video you can watch her fireman brother, Jason, take it away from her. Rachel does NOT like anybody stealing her show!

Ok, so I blogged, but now it's 11:30 PM. I wonder if I will still watch The Bachelor. Probably.

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  1. Man! Sorry Jason, Rachel just became my favorite! She is sooo like Grady. They are going to have crazy children together! :)