Friday, January 28, 2011

One more thought...

I'm sick.  I knew there was no avoiding it when I have three sick children walking around with snot dripping out of their noses, coughing, and sneezing.

Just an addendum to yesterdays post....I enjoyed your comments.  Thanks :)  I know I will get over my frustration. Sarah was supposed to be born on the 3rd so her birthday could've been 02-03-04, and because Emily's is on the 5th, Bradley's on the 4th, so it only would've made sense for her to continue the reverse numerical order. But, she was born on the 1st and ruined my pattern.  Wendy was supposed to be born on the 2nd to help fill in my single digit birthdays, but she was born on the 1st.  Jason was the one to wreck my single digit pattern by being born on the 10th (seriously, Jason, you couldn't have come 13 hours earlier?) Rachel was almost born on the 1st, then I would've had 3 girls born on a 1st of the month. I had contractions on New Years day, went to the hospital, but they sent me home six hours later. If I had been 2 more days pregnant, they would've induced me. I survived all those disappointments. I'm not quite sure what my obsession with numbers is.

Actually, it's not just numbers, it's letters too, but I won't go into that right now, except have you noticed that all of our children's names begin with a different letter?  Now, that one is easier to control and we don't have an "O" yet. The first six children's middle names also have a double letter in them (ee, Aa, ll, cc, tt, nn) except for George Arthur, but there are two r's, just not together.  I felt like such a rebel breaking the pattern. I hope George realizes when he gets older, how special he is.

I'm going to bed now and get some sleep and hopefully get over this cold!

I think this is a good day for a random-draw-out of-a-My Pictures Folder photo kind of day.  And the winner is.....

Santa came!

Ok, that one was kind of boring.  Here's another not so random one:

I posted this picture because I thought this was one of the coolest gifts ever from Santa.  My kids weren't as impressed or excited about it as I was.  They are smart enough to know you can make much larger cakes in a real oven, and when you use the real oven, you get to eat a much larger piece of cake.  They also know they are guaranteed at least one piece of cake nine out of the twelve months of the year.  We'll have to break out the Easy Bake in August and September.


  1. I had all mine in different months and I didn't even notice until I read this post. Good luck making it all work out!