Monday, January 24, 2011

Loser or not a Loser?

Either I'm a loser for not being a good blogger or I'm a not a loser for not being a good blogger. The fact that I haven't blogged in four days means I have a life and I'm a little on the busy side. Right? So the fact that I have a life means that I'm not a loser. Right?

Tonight as I was cleaning up the kitchen I told myself that I had to at least blog something before I sit down and watch The Bachelor. Wait....did I say I have life? Ok, maybe that's not true. Either way, I'm ok with it because I got two new Blog Followers in the past week and that makes me happy because my self-esteem is totally based on how many Blog Followers I have.

So Saturday was Rachel's third birthday. Her birthday is a difficult one to remember for some reason.  I think it's the post holiday laziness that causes it, or it's the fact that her birthday has double digits.  Five of my kids have single digit birthdays. Jason's is on October 10th which is easy to remember because his birthday is 10-10. Twenty-two is just kind of difficult to remember. My husband's parents called on the 20th to wish her a happy birthday. My grandmother called on the 21st to wish her a happy birthday. Fortunately we remembered it correctly. I think it helped that her birthday fell on a Saturday.  Maybe in the future we'll just celebrate her birthday on the twenty somethingeth Saturday that's closest to her birthday.

Here are some pictures. Hopefully Rachel will start being a little more conversational now that she is three. My mom told me often that I didn't talk until I was three, and Einstein didn't talk until he was three. It totally proves that I'm a genius.

Every child always gets a birthday "crown" from Emily.

 Her crown kept falling off when she tilted her head and she attempted to open her present with one hand.

 She gave up on trying to keep the crown on.

This year's birthday cake theme is the child's initial in M&Ms.

I blogged.  Yay! Time for The Bachelor!

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  1. I like
    the twentith something Saturday, but you then. Have to remember which one is closest to her birthday. Next year she will remind you.