Thursday, January 06, 2011

I feel famous

Don't celebrities get gifts and stuff from fans?  Well, today I received a gift from a blog fan. Ok, so she not a total random fan.  I have met Mary in person one time on my stop in Denver in September.  Her daughter is Beth, my blog friend with seven kids. Mary has nine grandkids of her own.  What's another seven kids to sew some art aprons for?  The kids loved them.  My plan was to take the kids' pictures by the easel so it appeared as if they were doing art, but I couldn't find a single paint brush in my house (which tells you how much we paint in this house).  So they are just standing by it:
Cow print for Bradley 

 Purple lace for Emily

Princess Jasmine for Sarah

 Sleeping Beauty for Wendy

Woody for Jason

She's folding her hands in front of her and you can't see it, but Rachel has Lady (from Lady and the Tramp) on hers.

Group Shot
Thanks, Mary!

Emily and Bradley are starting an art class on Friday.  I can teach math, I can teach reading, but I cannot teach art.  It's not one of my talents, at least the drawing and painting kind of art are not my talents.  I think I might be developing a talent for the art of photography though.  It's all about the timing:

One of the reasons I enrolled Emily in an art class is so she can expand beyond cutting out pictures from a coloring book and gluing them to a piece of paper.  Hopefully at the end of class she will be able to draw her own Star Trek characters in love:
(And now I'm wondering, why in the world do we even have a Star Trek coloring book?)

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  1. It warms my heart to see your children. I am glad they like their aprons. It is a pleasure to sew for children. I just have a soft spot for large families. Thank you for sharing yours with us.