Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Birthday

So today wasn't all that eventful.  I was regretfully grumpy just "because".  I think I was grumpy because I had laundry to do, and my kids equate birthdays with holidays, so they think they don't have to do their regular cleaning.  There were a few moments when I got mad at them.  Also, I missed getting a phone call from my mom.  Every time the phone rang, I instinctively would think it would be her to wish me a happy birthday, but of course it wasn't.  However, I did get a call from my sister, my grandmother, my dad, and my brother.  Then at the end of the evening, I received a call from my cousin and his wife.  That was a nice surprise.

My husband left work early and we took the kids to the museum.  Every Wednesday they have something for kids at 3:30pm.  Today we learned about flags.  Yay.  Did you know that a person who studies flags is called a vexilologist?  I didn't either.

Then we went to dinner to Five Guys for burgers and hot dogs.  I ate a hot dog with ketchup, mustard, and relish.  While we were there my husband surprised me with a gift.  It was an iPod Nano.  That was quite exciting.  My first MP3 player!  I'm so excited to download my ABBA on it.  He bought me a purple one because Wendy told him my favorite color is purple (which is true) but Apple's interpretation of purple is blue, so I think I am going to get a different color.  Not that I don't like blue, I just don't like that they call blue "purple", so I'm thinking of getting a green one.  However, if I get pink, it might help prevent my husband from borrowing it.  I'm still deciding.  He paid cash for it at Best Buy because he didn't want me to see it on the credit card statement, which I think is funny because he bought it yesterday.  I guess he doesn't realize that I don't check our credit card online account everyday, especially on my birthday.  However he's lucky he had the cash because I had to cancel our credit card account yesterday because of fraudulent activity on it.  Anyway, of course I asked him why an iPod Nano?  Why not an iPod Classic or an iTouch?  Those are pretty tempting too, but I will probably stick with the Nano and wait for him to get me an iPhone :)  

Then we went home and the kids frosted my cake and I opened cards and some presents from my sister.

Presents from my sister.  Never too old for Spongebob stuffed toys.  The only one I still need is Squidward.

My pretty yellow cake with 34 candles.

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