Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Day 5 - May 29 Part 1

Saturday was the day of my mom's memorial service.  It was great day.  We truly celebrated her life.  She had a good one.

Getting ready at the hotel.  My nine year old daughter can tie a tie and I can't.

Before the church service we had a short, private committal service at the cemetery.  I had never heard it called that before, but I suppose once you are in the ground you are committed.  It was a beautiful morning. My mom couldn't have picked a better week to die.

My mom in the overpriced burial urn.  I love the shade of blue.  It matches her eyes.  I'm sure my mom would be pleased at how petite she looks in this picture.  

The immediate family before the ceremony.  I'm not sure where my other five kids are.  They are probably running around and jumping off tombstones.

These were the chairs they had for us to sit on.  I loved them.  They were plastic chairs covered in blue fur.  During this difficult time it was very comforting to feel like I was sitting on Cookie Monster's lap. Unfortunately there weren't any cookies.

When we were planning the service on Thursday, I had envisioned the kids throwing flowers into the burial hole.  I guess I watch too much TV because I was imagining watching  pretty daisies falling into a deep hole in slow motion.  Well, there was no hole, so instead the kids put some red carnations on top of the urn.  I still wish they could've thrown them in a hole, but I suppose the hole wasn't going to be all that big and deep anyway.

My mom was always thinking about the kids at events.  So we got them some balloons to release after the ceremony.  They enjoyed that.

I peeked under the Astroturf to check to see if they had dug the hole yet.  They didn't.

On our way back to the van Jason threw a three year old tantrum.  I told him to be careful because they might mistake him for being dead and bury him too.


  1. that picture of jason is the best picture ever!!!
    p.s. noah has not been claimed. you may remember he yoved (loved) sarah at one point and wanted to kiss her on the yips (lips.) we can use that as proof they were meant to be. :)

  2. Jayne - Today at lunch Sarah told me how she is going to live with her husband in heaven forever. I asked her if she knew who her husband was going to be. She said, "Yes." I asked her what his name was. She said, "NOAH!" I told her she might meet other cute boys between now and when she is in her twenties. She said, "Well, I haven't yet!" I guess in her opinion, Noah is tough competition. She certainly hasn't forgotten about him! :)