Monday, June 07, 2010

First Day on My Own.

Today was difficult.  Today was my first day on my own with 7 kids.  Not that 7 is all that more difficult than 6, but I always talked to my mom on Mondays.  We never usually talked on the weekends, but Mondays were a good day for conversation because there was stuff to talk about.  I didn't have her to talk to today, which made me sad.  When I'm sad I usually call my mom.  So it was a viscious cycle of sadness today.  I wanted to tell her how chunky George is getting.  His thighs are getting fat and his fingers are chunking up and leaving the newborn stage. He likes his swing.  He has a raspy little cry when nobody holds him.  His belly button is getting more normal.  I wanted to tell her that the red spot on the white of his eye went away.  His jaundice is almost gone.  The poor kid is 5 weeks old and still hasn't had a real bath, only a sponge bath with a hotel washcloth.  I just keep forgetting to wash him.  He smells ok and wipes seem to be sufficient at the moment.  One of these days I'll immerse him in some water. 

I talked to my grandmother instead today.  We are going to talk tomorrow and discuss the Bachelorette.  I'm so glad my Nani watches it.  My husband knows I'm sad and he even came down to watch the rose ceremony with me.  However, I know he secretly enjoyed it and it was using "sympathy" as an excuse to watch it. :)

I boosted my mood with some ABBA today.


  1. i remember the day chris went back to work after a baby was born. i sat in bed crying, and he was skipping down the stairs, ready to shout "horray" for all the world to hear.
    i'm still so sorry about your mom. i hope each day gets better for you.

  2. David had this idea to bake cookies for some people who helped us the past couple of weeks and to tell them on Sunday that we will stop by on Monday night. He left for work yesterday and told Emily to bake two batches of cookies. I don't think he understands that a 9 year old will need help with the oven which will ultimately lead to me baking the cookies. I told her not to bake them. Ididn't want to have to be downstairs all afternoon. When he got home from work, he started baking them with the kids and it took nearly 2 hours. :)

  3. Do you want to go out sometime this week? I could come and bbsit for a while and you could go shopping or something? Even window shopping might be kind of fun???? Let me know Callie would love your kids.