Monday, June 07, 2010

Day 3 - May 27

On Thursday my sister arrived in the morning after a red eye plane flight.  That afternoon my dad, brother, sister and I met with the funeral director to make some decisions regarding the memorial service.  We had to pick out her memorial book, flowers, a poem, and give them a picture of her.  It was a good thing my sister and I were in attendance.  We picked out a pretty memorial book with butterflies and flowers.  

We also had to pick out an urn.  We decided to have my mom cremated.  The selection of burial urns was disappointing.  They ranged in price from $125 to $395.  We were just going to bury it anyway, so cheap me thought it was disappointing that we had to pay that much.  I asked if we could bury her in the container that she was shipped in.  Nobody answered my question.  A few of the urns looked like cheap plastic pink marbled square Kleenex box covers.  One was pottery and shaped like a mushroom, but had a very phallic appearance.  We went with the plain dark blue metal rectangular container.  I kind of wished we went with the Mallard duck.  If I had known they were so expensive, I would've looked for something at Marshall's Home Goods section.  I'm sure I could've gotten something pretty for $19.99.  There is some serious profit margin in the mortician business.  My dad called around to get prices for cremation.  He was quoted about $4000.  When the funeral director called as a "professional"  the same company was able to give him a deal of $800.  Can you believe it?  My husband keeps saying he wants a new profession.  I think I have found one for him.  

The funeral director was actually a friend of my mom's.  They went to high school together.  He gave us a discount on his services.  Good job, mom, for being a friend of a mortician!  He's an interesting fellow.  He reminded my sister and me of John Candy.

After the decisions were made, we went to Nani's and some relatives brought over chicken and biscuits.  Yum!  Daddy flew in and arrived at about 9:30 PM.

Greeting Auntie Nee Nee in the hotel lobby after breakfast.

The funeral home where we had to make some decisions about my mom's memorial service.  The funeral home was totally decorated very vintage!  

Nani and Rachel.

Playing Cat's Cradle with cousins.

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