Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting Ready

Ok, mom, you could've given me a little more advanced notice on this whole dying thing.  It's not easy packing for 8 people for a 10 day trip in one day, and making flight and hotel reservations.  I'm excited to see Nani though and the rest of the family.  She misses you and wishes it could've been her to go instead of you.  I told her that it wouldn't be long, and that she needed to have a little patience because we need her now.  What would we do without her Spanish Rice?  :)  I've got friends here helping me take care of the kids and holding George while I get ready. Some friends are coming over while we are gone to help me clean the house so I don't have to vacuum and clean my kitchen before we leave. We had to pick out a photo of you for your memorial service.  I think we might use your Facebook profile picture.  I feel like it has been pre-approved.  I hope you are ok with that.  I hope you're having fun at the party in heaven!  I can't believe you missed the finale of the Celebrity Apprentice last night!  Or maybe you didn't.  Is there Super HD where you are?

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