Friday, May 07, 2010

Still a Blogger

Just wanted to let you all know I'm still here.  Baby #7 was born on Tuesday, May 4th, so things have been a bit busy around here.  He was 2 weeks early so my mom was not here to help and we have been on our own.  However, we have had some great help from friends from church with getting us some meals and watching the kids while I was in the hospital.  My parents get here on Sunday evening.  I'm excited for that because I know my dirty dishes will be up to date next week.

I will post the birth story soon.....

My husband is still working on my website.  He did the redirect, except for my images.  I hope to get the images back soon.


  1. are you telling me you don't have time to blog? i'm shocked! i was pretty sure you had more hours in the day than the rest of us. can't wait to hear the story. we are talking about coming to Charleston in a couple weeks. we are going to his dad's house, so we'll be closer. and i'll jump on any excuse to visit you guys! especially if it means shortening the visit with the inlaws! :P

  2. can't believe you were at church this Sunday!!!! What is wrong with you??? Don't you know when you birth a bb you get a "get out of church free pass" for a month??? I got an extension on mine for 2 :) I was happy to see you and George is super cute!