Tuesday, May 18, 2010


On Friday night my husband took Bradley and Jason on the church Father/Son campout.  He said Jason didn't sleep very well and was squirmy and whimpering most of the night because he couldn't get comfortable.  My husband and I went out on Saturday night while my parents watched the kids.  While out and driving in the car, my husband exclaimed how tired he was.  I'm not sure if he was trying to gain sympathy or have me feel sorry for him, but I gave him a look.  He said, "What?"  I continued to just look at him.  Then the light clicked and he realized who he was complaining to - a mother of a newborn.  Then he said, "That's why you're so awesome."  I wish men had mammary glands and could share in the feedings.


  1. hahah Walter always follows those stupid man comments with that same line. Somehow my being awesome makes it all OK?

  2. They can share in the feedings! Start pumping!!!