Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Redirect and new url

Ok.  So I wanted to let you all know that my blog is successfully redirecting.  However if you have me on your Blogger Reading List (on your Blogger Dashboard) and depend on it to know when I post a new post, you might need to change the url for that.  I think you actually have to stop following my old blog and add the new url as a new blog.  You might also want to change the url if you have me as one of your favorite people in your sidebar (Thank you if I am one of your friends! You make me feel loved.) and in any RSS feed.

You might have noticed that I have now added my friends in my sidebar.  It's beens something I've wanted to do for a long time and it was much easier to add after the migration.  I apologize if I have left anyone out.  I simply added the people who blog rather regularly.  I didn't add people with private blogs, so it doesn't mean I don't read yours, if yours is private.  I will be adding more as I remember.

Here is my new url:  http://blog.melindabeth.com

I hope that all works.  Darn Blogger for creating a little more chaos in my life.

Also, I have the birth story written.  I just have to finish editing it, add some things that I forgot, and upload some pictures.

I'm slowly reentering the blogging world.  I miss it.  My husband bought me a new mini netbook computer so I can do my social networking, blogging, and surfing the internet on the couch and in bed while I am nursing.  It was my having a baby, Mother's Day, and early birthday present.  My husband is so nice to me for supporting my online social life!

Also, I am still working on new design.  This is the current one while I work on finding one or making one.

I'll be back!

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