Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today as I was changing Rachel's diaper she saw this figurine I have on the shelf and she pointed and said, "baby."  I think she's catching on that her world is about to change.  I think she has a little angel whispering in her ear telling her that she is going to have a little brother and explaining to her that she is going to have to share Mommy's lap in less than two months. 

When I finished changing her diaper, I took the figurine off the shelf and had her point to the baby.  She sweetly looked at it and said again, "baby."  I love hearing her say the word.  Heck, I'm just happy to hear her say any word.  She's been rather mute in the vocabulary.  Then I asked her to point to the mommy.  She looked at it.  Put her hand to her mouth and gasped with big eyes and said, "Ga gone.  Awwww.  Ga gone."  I hope that her little angel assures her that her mommy will not lose her face when she has the new baby.  Or her fingers.

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