Friday, March 26, 2010

Learning the Secrets to Success

I kind of lost my blogging momentum.  Even though I'm still about 7 1/2 weeks away from having this baby, I'm seem to be in turbo nesting mode.  My back doesn't bother me as much, it's spring, which I think gives me more energy.  So while the energy still exists, I'm determined to become more organized, which means that blogging goes on the back burner.  I've been applying the Pomodoro Technique to help me get things accomplished.  Basically the technique has you write a feasible list of things you want to get accomplished for the day and for each one you set a timer for 25 minutes.  When the buzzer rings, you stop what you are doing and take a five minute break.  If you haven't finished the task, you set the timer for another 25 minutes or move onto the next task.  I realize it is common to write a list of things to do and work on them throughout the day, and I have done this in the past, however, the timer is the key to success.  It helps you focus, avoid distraction, and not get bogged down with unnecessary details.  Of course with six kids there is always distraction, but I have them write their own lists each day and they also use the technique to get their school work and responsibilities finished.  It seems to be very effective.  Instead of spending 3 hours to finish two pages of Math, they can usually finish their work in one or two 25 minute sessions.  I'm totally stoked about the progress we've made in learning and organization the past couple of weeks.  Very exciting. 

So I thought I might share some of my successes.  I will be sharing a little along the way.  I'm also learning that there are a lot of set backs when trying to make progress.  Today I spent about an hour sweeping and vacuuming wheat kernels from half of the downstairs because Jason and Rachel dumped a bag of it.  And my other set back leads me to this word of wisdom:

When cleaning out your cupboards, DO NOT put instant mashed potato flakes down the kitchen sink!!  It will clog your pipes like crazy and you will have to take all the plumbing apart and scoop the nasty mashed potato mush out of the pipes and it makes a mess. 
This was completely my doing and none of the kids was to blame for it.

More success stories coming soon....

Now for a picture of a huge strawberry I ate the other night.  I wanted to take a picture of it and the closest reference I had to demonstrate the size was this naked Barbie (She was on the kitchen counter waiting for her hair to get washed because it got something sticky in it.):

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