Sunday, March 07, 2010

Always tell the truth?

This morning as I was helping the kids get ready for church I noticed a stain on Sarah's dress sleeve.  I kind of scowled at it and made a comment about it being dirty.  She fessed up to the fact that she was cleaning up the blood from her bloody nose she got last night and it got on her dress.  Then the blood got wet and it spread more into an orangish stain.  It wasn't that big or noticeable, so I didn't have her change because it was too much work and time to pick a new outfit.  As I curled her hair, she made the comment that she felt good about being honest and telling me the truth.  I reassured her it made me happy when she tells the truth.  I didn't get mad about the stain, I was just frustrated that we were beginning the day with stained clothing.  I was glad all those lessons in honesty were sinking in and working.

As we were finishing breakfast, I was standing at my computer checking my Facebook when Sarah commented how pretty my church outfit looked.  As you can see in the picture below my shirt is quite pretty.  It's a Pepto Bismol pink layered mesh Motherhood top I've had for a few of my pregnancies.  It definitely accentuates the maternal curve and screams "Big Belly!", but it is quite princessy, which is why I'm sure Sarah liked it.  My skirt also had some meshy lace on the bottom.  I was so happy that my daughter made the effort to tell me she liked it.  But then she said, "But your hair and face don't look so good with your outfit."  OUCH!  My self-esteem was immediately shot down by a six year old.  But honestly I wasn't that offended, because I thought I looked pretty good that morning.  My hair dried nicely.  No zits.  My maternity facial fat is helping to fill out my crows feet and other wrinkles.  Perky big boobs.  What more could a woman ask for?  Apparently I'm just not natural princess material and Sarah just doesn't understand about the "glow of pregnancy" yet.  I had my husband reassure me later in the day that I'm not ugly. 

I think now that Sarah has the principle of honesty nailed down, we will move on and learn about tact.

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