Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Driver's License

I told my husband I supported him with whatever decision he made regarding his driver's license.  He was undecided until last minute and finally decided to go with renewing his commercial driver's license.  He just couldn't bear the the fact of losing his coolness and being an "regular" driver.  He also gave me a convincing list of other rationalizations of why he should have it.  So he went and got his physical during lunch today for 90 bucks.  In addition, he got to have his balls grabbed by a young female doctor.  He said she was just as embarrassed as he was.  I told him, "She probably thought you were hot."  Because seriously, who doesn't think a guy with a commercial driver's license is hot? 

So our next family vehicle is going to be a school bus.  I can't wait to be cool and have a CDL too.

In other news?  My fetus has hiccups again.  Apparently blogging gives him hiccups.  That's weird.

1 comment:

  1. wow! sounds like it might have been worth the $90! hahaha I thought you needed a CDL to drive your current van! :)