Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This afternoon Sarah was mad at me. I don't know why. I pulled out the camera and made faces behind it while I shot a video of her. I was successful. She was trying so hard to be mad, but just couldn't do it.

If you are wondering why I have 5 Diet Pepsi cans with their tops cut off - we were melting old crayons in a pot of water yesterday.

Then my kids decided to have a slice of bread for a snack. I think my potato comment the other day corrupted them. They were so excited to show me their butt bread. I'll spare you the video.

At dinner Jason spilled enough lettuce and cheese from his salad to make sitting in his high chair uncomfortable. He devised this new position:

It works.


  1. Food has just got to be more fun to eat if it looks like something funny-like a butt. I'm not a kid and I think it's fun.

  2. so, what do you do with your melted crayons??

  3. We put them in a candy mold. I only had a Christmas poinsettia one. I need to get a non-Christmas one. I would've posted a picture of the final product, but I couldn't get the picture to upload in the right direction. It was sideways. It was pretty cool. The kids loved it.