Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chocolate Detector

I'm convinced that my son has a built-in chocolate radar. Last night I removed the chocolate from this cupboard to prevent Jason from raiding it . Today I let him climb on the counter so I could watch him make the disappointing discovery. To my surprise, he took it to the next level and actually found some fun size M&M packages that I stowed away a long time ago on the second shelf. I didn't see those last night. I let him eat one or two packages before lunch because when I'm sick, I simply don't care. Then after he left the room I hid them.

12:30 PM

However just 4 hours later, he decided to take a look at the neighboring cupboard and found my stash of Hershey Bars. So I let him eat half a Hershey Bar because I'm sick and I simply don't care. (You can also see by the looks of my kitchen counters, that I don't care about them either.) I made him share the other half of the Hershey Bar with his sisters.

4:30 PM

He's going to be mad when I'm feeling better.

Oh, and if you're searching for some chocolate and can't find any, give me a call. I'm renting out my chocolate detector for $25/day. What a deal!

I'm going to go finish being sick now.


  1. Why are you sick? SC doesn't allow for sickness. It is paradise where nobody is allowed illness. So, get off your butt and quit pretending to be sick. At least you still blog...can't say the same for some other people I know!! :)

  2. I have taken to hiding my chocolate stash in my Relief Society bag (with the coveted binders). No child will willingly get in there! (Except maybe at church on fast Sunday, where the smell of Dove chocolate has been rumored to have come from our row... I need a better spot.) I hope you feel better soon. It took two weeks for everyone here to get over the vomiting thing, we haven't got the fake strep throat thing yet... May the force be with you!

  3. Oh my, I'm sorry that you're sick! No fun at all.

  4. Mmmm a chocolate detector...what kind of batteries does it take to run him?

    He is going to be a dessert chef for sure when he grows up...he is simply just starting to get the base for his sophisticated palate. :)

  5. What kind of batteries does it take to run a chocolate detector?

    He is definitely going to be a dessert chef when he grows up. He is simply just getting the base for his sophisticated palate :)

  6. Boooooo for double posts! It looked like it didn't post...so I wrote it again, trying to remember what I wrote the first time. Then they both posted! Blast! Now I have posted three times...I'm your stalker now. Sorry. Okay bye now, for real this time, last post :)

  7. I love the picture of Jason standing on his little tippy toes trying to reach the candy. :)