Thursday, February 05, 2009

Oh! The Drama!

Today Sarah and Wendy got in an argument over who was the rightful user of the pretty purple daisy spoon at lunch. This was their dialogue while lunch was cooking :

Wendy: Noooooo!! That's my spoon!!!!
Stomps her foot.

Sarah: Nu-uh. It's mine.
With a smile.

Wendy: It doesn't match your pants!!!
Tears drip down her cheeks.

Sarah: It matches my shirt.
Points to her lavender stripes.

Wendy: matches my dress!!!
Points to her lavender nightgown.

Wendy won. Her dress had more purple surface area than Sarah's shirt. However, by the time the macaroni and cheese was finished cooking, the purple daisy spoon was nowhere to be found, so she settled for a different spoon.

The Victor

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  1. oh man, that is all too familiar. I decided I need to get all black bowls, spoons, forks, plates and so on. No fighting over colors! :)