Thursday, February 19, 2009

My happy cells are recuperating

Today was a much better day. I've been a little lazy on the pictures the past week. Not lazy about taking them, just posting them. Here's a little update:

February 11
Jason on his daily search for chocolate.

Just when he thought he had been defeated, he attacked my container of brown sugar. I didn't think to hide that.

The good thing about a sugar high, is that it causes them to crash. He crashed on the couch just two hours after his 10:30 AM brown sugar binge.

February 13
As I mentioned yesterday, I do the bare minimum to keep the household functioning when I'm sick. This is what the kids looked like most of the week. I'm pretty sure I didn't wipe Jason's face until bedtime.

February 14
A little combo Valentine and Mardi Gras celebration.

Rachel learning how to suck a mini Reese's Cup out of its wrapper.

February 16
Our weekly family photo.

February 17
Rachel chillin. This picture was taken at 5:00 PM. Notice she is wearing the same outfit she was wearing in last night's photo. I told you - bare minimum. If it ain't dirty, don't change it.

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  1. your kids are so stinkin cute! i love the close up of jason! he's gonna be a little heart breaker! especially with that chocolate-dar of his! Any girl would love a guy like that! :)