Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Goth Girl

I was a little surprised when I saw Sarah come into my bedroom this morning dressed like this. I was happy that she made the effort to match. I heard Wendy remark to Emily, who were both dressed in pink, "Emmawee! Emmawee! We not wokstars."
Now I must dedicate this song to my friend Carrie who is about to pop with her #5. I think many of us can sympathize with her. Home stretch, baby!


  1. Melinda, you are tooooooo funny! I loved my song, and I definitely think big girl would be the perfect way to describe me! I can't wait to let Rich listen to it; I know he will laugh as much as I did! Thanks! :)

  2. I also wanted to let you know how much the kids LOVE the song; we have listened to it over and over and over again today! They love dancing around the living room to it, and as soon as it is over, they want to hear it again!