Friday, December 11, 2009


We've all been a little sick in the house so I let the kids crawl in bed with me this morning at about 8 AM and watch PBS until 9:30. It was very cozy snuggling up next to a feverish Rachel, although I had to worry about getting her snot in my hair. I guess I fell back asleep because the teacher on Sid the Science kid was in my dream. I totally count PBS as homeschool. My favorite show is Martha Speaks. It teaches good vocabulary even to the older ones.

I finally decided to get up and clean the upstairs and start some laundry. Sarah was sitting next to her sister, Wendy, in the hall and she wanted me to take a picture of her because I guess she thought she looked cute. I told her that I didn't have my camera handy. She told me that she would hold a roll of wrapping paper so that we would know it was Christmastime when we look at the pictures. (Sarah must think I only take Christmasy pictures at this time of year.) I never took the picture. But here is where you imagine a picture of Sarah and Wendy sitting against the wall in outfits they picked out themselves, holding a roll of Christmas wrapping paper:

My upstairs hallway is very clean. I cleared the junk, vacuumed, and even vacuumed the baseboards and where the carpet meets the baseboards. Let's hope it stays clean for another 8 days until the guests arrive. Now onto the downstairs tomorrow.

We had French Toast for dinner. It was yummy. I'm feeling better.


  1. The problem with clearing junk is that it ends up somewhere else like the master bedroom. No doubt the girls looked great with their wrapping paper!

  2. You are EXACTLY correct! The junk is now in my husband's office. :) Some of it made it's way into the master bedroom, but I'm hoping to clean that room today.