Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Church Christmas Party

Tonight we went to our Ward's annual Christmas party. This year the activities committee went all out and transformed the cultural hall and even the chapel into Bethlehem. It was requested that we dress in period clothing and bring our taxes (a canned food item) to Bethlehem. The indoor street was lined with booths. There was a toy booth, sandal booth, bakery, pita shop, water, and cheese. After the families ate their light meal, there was a short nativity pageant. It was well done and pretty cool. Except now I smell like frankincense and it's giving me a small headache.

I totally did not want to dress up because it's like doing Halloween all over again, but Emily really wanted to, so we threw some costumes together last minute. I draped white thermal baby blankets over the girls' heads and tied with ribbon, and my husband threw a dish towel over Bradley's head with a boy scout belt. David and I dressed up too. We threw blue baby blankets over our heads, but the pictures are hideous. I will spare you.

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