Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time Warp

I'm anti video games. Not because I don't like them. I like them very much and that is why we don't own any current video game systems. I don't like the addictive tendencies that are associated with them. Therefore, the highest tech game system we own is Super Nintendo. We also have the Classic Nintendo and an Atari plug and play joystick and paddle that we purchased for $19.95 at Walmart a few years ago. This past week the kids have been playing Atari. I rationalize that the more pixelated a game, the less addictive and less likely to cause brain rot. Anyway, they love playing Adventure and Warlords. The other day Emily begged me to come play with them. I sat on the floor and selected Circus Atari and started bouncing away and popping moving balloons. My kids were very impressed at my ability to accomplish such a respectable score on my first try. They became further impressed with my lack of crashing on Night Driver. I didn't let on that I had spent many hours 25 years ago working on my paddle skills to learn how to position the seesaw just right to get the clown to go high and pop as many balloons as possible. So not only am I popular these days, I'm also an "Atari Hero." It's too bad our Joystick doesn't have Space Invaders or Pac Man. I could really waste a lot of time playing those.
Meanwhile this will have to suffice:

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