Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Infection Sucks

Sarah has eczema. She scratches it. It bleeds. Now she has an infection. After weeks of trying home remedies and failing to get the annoying condition under control, I finally broke down and took her to the doctor. I don't like going to the doctor because I always feel like I'm getting ripped off. I have to admit when I put Sarah on the table and the doctor said, "Oh yeah. She's infected," my first thought was, "Good!" simply because I felt my copay was paying off. She put Sarah on an oral antibiotic, a topical antibiotic, some sort of steroid but not a steroid cream, and an antihistamine. It's about $350 worth of medications and thank goodness for insurance I only had to pay $50. Let's hope and pray it works. Her legs are a mess. The other day she drew a picture of two princesses. One had dots all over her because she had eczema and the other one had clear skin. Sarah told me that the prince was going to marry the pretty princess because he doesn't like girls with eczema. It broke my heart! I assured her that princes like girls with eczema and that she was still beautiful. I have to say that for a four year old she's a darn good sport for all she has to put up with in regards to her skin. This afternoon Wendy was a little jealous of Sarah's doctor visit. Wendy said, "Mommy, my leg hurts! I need to go to the doctor."

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  1. Oh, that is so sad!! Tell Wendy I have eczema too, and look at the Prince I got!! :) I guess that could be taken good or bad, but I give it "good". When my legs are so itchy I want to scream I get in the tub with baking soda and epsom salt, until it stops. That seems to help me. Eczema BITES! It really does! Walter says he has a patch of it on his arm now and that it's all my fault. I guess it's also an STD in my family!! hahaha I gave him eczema and he gave me all these kids.....I think we're fair! jk