Thursday, August 11, 2011


When I blog I don't watch movies. When I watch movies I don't blog. So tonight (and perhaps other nights) I am going to simply post what movie I'm watching.

Ok I'm turning on my TV.....

I'm going to my recorded shows......

I'm scrolling down and picking a movie....

I'm going to watch.....hmmmmm....... Paper Heart
"This quietly touching mockumentary stars Charlyne Yi as a woman who claims not to believe in romance and interviews a number of random people in order to discover if love exists. However, her research project takes a strange turn when she falls in love."
I have no idea why I have this desire to watch lots of movies. I think it kind of makes me feel cultured. I would probably be more cultured if I read books, but books put me to sleep and I can't multitask or eat ice cream easily when I'm holding a book, so movies it is. Movies it is until the first day of fall. Then maybe I will switch to books, but unfortunately I won't be able to read one book per night like I can watch one movie per night.

Since a post needs a picture or three, here you go:

See? It's hereditary. Rachel falls asleep when reading books too.

I'll be making banana bread tomorrow. My laptop stays open most of the day, so I forgot about them. Somebody put the bananas behind my computer on Saturday evening (don't know why, but they did.) I was wondering where they went. It's a shame, because I was hungry for a banana all week.

Today we updated our state quarter map. My sister gave this to us for Christmas 2000 before we had any kids. You have to use a hammer to get the quarters in the hole.  It's like playing the Whack-a-Mole game: while you're hammering in one quarter, another one or two pop out. It's quite challenging. We spent so much time sorting our quarters today. Emily and Bradley have pretty much memorized what each picture is on the back of each quarter. I really hope there is a category on Teen Jeopardy called Quarterbacks when I send Bradley on that show in five years to win his college tuition.

We have hundreds of state quarters, but not a single Montana, Idaho, or Oklahoma. I posted this picture on Facebook just for fun, and people actually checked their quarter stashes. I already have somebody across the country sending me a Montana and somebody local from church giving me an Oklahoma. Idaho? Anyone? I'll pay you 70 cents for it...

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