Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Broken Broom

Today was a sad day. This orange broom has been through a lot. He served us well over the past five years or so. His metal handle got badly bent yesterday, due to improper use by a child. Today as I was trying to straighten it, the broom snapped. Consequently, my kitchen floor is kind of mess tonight. I even went to Target this evening and failed to buy a new one, because I was fixated on everything but cleaning supplies. Clearanced school supplies were much more exciting.

Other news:
This morning at about 9:30 AM the doorbell rang. As I walked to the door I could see a uniformed officer through the glass. My heart raced wondering why there was a police officer at my door. I opened it and he said, "Is everything ok here?" I must have looked confused because he continued, "We always check on any calls that we get." That was when my mind rewinded about a half hour and recalled seeing George sitting at the foot of the stairs with the phone next to him. I apologized to the policeman and explained it must have been one of my children. He seemed very understanding.

My next objective was to figure out which kid it was. I checked the redial on the phone that was next to George. Sure enough it said, "911". I thought it was too coincidental that George dialed only 3 numbers. So the next person of interest was Jason. He denied doing it, but his demeanor reflected guilt. I explained to him that we only call 911 in emergencies. I told him that the policeman might take him with him if it happened again. Jason looked pretty scared when I said that. Later in the day, Jason walked in the room. I said, "What's up, Jason?" I gave him a hug and said in a light-hearted tone, "Jason, did you call 911 today?" He paused trying to figure out if it was a trick question, but finally confessed to doing it. He told me that Wendy taught him about 911. I asked him, "What happens when we call 911?"

He said, "The policeman comes to our house."

So today Jason had a nice lesson in cause and effect. I think he now understands that 911 is for emergencies. I also explained that sometimes the firetruck or ambulance will come too. If there is a fire, or if somebody is sick or hurt we can call 911, like if Mommy is laying on the floor and looks dead. I better be careful where I fall asleep now. The floor is probably not the best spot for a nap anymore. Not that I fall asleep on the floor a whole lot, but I have been known to doze off while watching movies with my kids....

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  1. I love the new pic on the side!

    I only turn on movies with my kids so that I can take a nap!

    Oh, and why don't you just pull out the broom you ride on? I'm sure it would clean the floors nicely! ;)